15 Year Old Female Referee makes Semi-Pro Debut in Indiana

CR Referee News / Written By: Christian Rivas

Dana Hackney became the youngest ever referee to officiate a semi-professional match in Indiana.

Dana Hackney (Right)

Big news coming from Indiana when on March 20th 2021, 15 year old referee Dana Hackney became the youngest referee to officiate a semi-professional match in Indiana.

The encounter was between Inter Detroit and FC Indy City in the Grand Park Sports Campus, both teams compete in the UPSL.

Dana has also been identified as a young promising referee as such, she was selected for Elite Referee Academy of Indiana.

What makes this accomplishment even more astonishing is that in Indiana the starting age for referees is only 12 years old!

Also present at the match was the Indiana State Referee Assignor who thought the height difference between Dana and her crew was comical and I have to agree.

During the match both teams played a decent level of soccer and it was quite exciting to watch. You can watch the full match here:

In a statement from her Instagram she said:

“This will forever be engraved in my heart. Refereeing men double my age was an opportunity I never expected for a second to receive, let alone so early on in career. A HUGE thanks to all the assignors, mentors and referees who have poured into me and believed in me.”

“I can’t wait to see where this journey goes with the incredible people I am surrounded by. Dreams. Come. True. Tonight was a fairytale.”

We wish the best for Dana and her career as it has only begun.

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